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pistachio: The best pistachio in the world is produced in Iran in cities Kerman, Rafsanjan and Damghan. Pistachio is a great tonic fruit that contains vitamin B1, B3 and E . Pistachio contains nutrients such as Iron, Potassium, Phosphor, Calcium. AlsoPistachio is hematopoietic due to the abundant Iron.

walnut: It is so called "Brain Food" due to containing abundant Omega 3. Walnut is the best source of Manganese and Copper. Also contains group B vitamins and its fat is Blood Cholesterol reducer.

Iran is one of the countries that produce the most walnut in the world. Toiserkan located in Hamedan of Iran, is also called the Green Golden Mine of the country.

Hazelnut : This dried fruit contains 60 percents fat. This structure and fat combinations contain benefits that have a great impact on growth and body health. Also contains group B and E vitamins that is an immunizer against Anemia. Furthermore Hazelnut contains solutes such as Calcium, Iron, Zinc, and Potassium. Of the most important areas of Iran for producing hazelnut are Ghazvin and Rodsar.

The combination of Hazelnut and Cocoa in Chocolate industry, results in a great delicious flavor.

Raisin: Dried Grapes is so called Raisin. That contains Iron, Potassium, Calcium, and group B vitamins. Also a great source of vitamin D and Estrogen. On the other hand, contains Antioxidants that prevent cells from destructions.
The most type of Raisin is produced in Takestan located in Ghazvin.

Almond : This dried fruit contains vitamin B and E. Also contains Manganese, Potassium, Folic Acid and Calcium. It is the only fruit that results in Blood Cholesterol reduction despite the fact that it has a significant fat.
Almond is sold in Iran in two different types: Core and Paper Skin.
The most famous is in Iran, are produced in Fars, Azerabadegan and Kerman.

Tree, has long and narrow leafs and its blossoms appear after the leafs would grow. That Fruit has thin and green shell in early days that is covered by fluff and is called "chaqaleh" and gets hard and rigid after a period of the time

Sweet Almond is used either raw or roasted and also it can be used in oil extraction process of fruits. This kind of oil is getting widely used in medical and soapmaking industries

Almond is called "luz" in arab countries and early almonds that is called "chawaleh" is stomach and gums booster. This dried fruit is sold in two different ways in Iran: Almond kernels, Almond in shell.

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